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Creative Web Design

Unless you’re a celebrity with an established following, you need an alluring website to create an internet presence. Old-school website designs from the 1990s and 2000s don’t cut it any more, except for their retro charm. Designs from those days were overloaded with small text, distasteful fonts, gaudy colours and flashing graphics.

Owing to the wide variety of viewing platforms, websites these days need to be “responsive", which means they’ll adapt to the device they’re being displayed on. Modern web design is more minimalistic, tasteful and sophisticated, though what counts as good taste is continuously changing.

It’s undoubtedly easier today than ever before to create your own website, even without any coding knowledge or design expertise. Whatever your level of experience, this website teaches you all you need to know about creative web design.

What's hot for 2019?

19 Feb 2019

As with everything, webdesign is a victim of ever-changing trends and fashions. What was great in 2017 might already feel dated and whoever wants to keep their site up to speed must invest time and money in keeping up with the trends. What's hot for 2019? Take a look at this video I found, there are several cool finds!

Want to learn web design?

22 Jan 2019

Have you been wanting to learn some basic web design concepts? I stumbled upon this brilliant tutorial for how you make a basic, responsive website and I just have to share it with you. Just take everything step by step and you'll be amazed at how easy it is!